Surrending to the Sun.


When I come face to face with big obstacles in my life, it becomes incredibly challenging to commit to face them.

Do I avoid myself?

Yea, my mind is pretty well-versed in avoidance.

I’ve become a champion at being insane. Doing the same things over and over again and expecting the same results.

If my intention is to evolve and grow, I must accept that change is inevitable.

So, I surrender.

I surrender by observing my thoughts, words, and actions and re-align them with my highest Self.

I’m referring to our kind mind, of course.

It’s our desires and attachments that keep us from surrendering to our kind mind.

Instead of living from a place of aversion and separation, we shift to an intention of surrender.

We realize our radiance and shine like the sun.

On this summer solstice, I bow to the sun…

  1. Who is friendly to all.
  2. The shining one, the radiant one.
  3. Who is the dispeller of darkness and responsible for bringing activity.
  4. The one who brightly illumines the earth and is the eternal source of warmth.
  5. Who is shining and the eternal source of vitality.
  6. The giver of nourishment and strength.
  7. Who has golden color brilliance—the eternal energy from which everything else emanates.
  8. The giver of light and source of vibration with an infinite number of rays.
  9. The universal, all-embracing Nature or Being, arising from the cosmic Divine Mother.
  10. The one who is responsible for life, the creator.
  11. Who is worthy of praise and glory, as the very essence of vitality.
  12. The giver of wisdom, shining light on the external and internal world to awake us from the inside, bringing inner strength and confidence.






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