Embracing Transformation.

FullSizeRenderIt’s challenging for me to embrace transformation at times because it involves clear recognition of my thoughts, words, and actions.

And sometimes that recognition is painful because hindsight usually teaches me a thing or two.

Saying I’m sorry and facing my darkness is a vulnerable place to be. But it brings me to light.

It helps me understand all of the layers that have I have been living under.

As I peel them off, I awaken my heart.

When I am grounded and connected with who I Am, my thoughts, words, and actions are rooted in love and kindness. I step into the world with grace, strength, and ease.

But goodness gracious, this world sure does give me plenty of times to practice.

I guess it’s up to me to decide when I’m going to practice.

“We are all each being called to participate in creating a healthier and happier world. Through actions that can be quite simple. Perhaps the best service that we can do is to simply be kind. Is to lead more compassionate and mindful lives. It’s to raise families that are willing to see beyond their own needs and desires and wants. Perhaps the best service that we can do is to commit to our own personal healing and growth so that we can let go of the limited beliefs and narratives that keep us feeling small and disconnected. For when we love ourselves, when we honor our own individual journey’s as they are, we cannot help but to cultivate the necessary empathy that allows us to honor and respect others as they move into their own journey of awakening. There is much suffering in this world, and that suffering is motivated by separation and division. Let’s not be a part of that separation and instead let’s do everything that we can in our power to heal, and to serve, and to share our spirits. And to participate in a way that can only unify this world into peace.” ~ Seane Corn





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