Shattering Illusions of our Past

jilbert-ebrahimi-33575What happens when we can calm our chattering minds?

We begin to see more clearly, shattering illusions of our past.

For example, I recently had quite an awakening regarding my favorite childhood band The Spice Girls.

It was a Saturday evening, and my husband and I had spent most of the day practicing. But before we started practicing we watched an episode of America’s Got Talent (balance, people), where one of my former Spice Girls, Mel B. a.k.a. Scary Spice, is a judge. A magician on the show did a trick where he asked Mel B. to think of one word that described her.

As her back was facing the crowd, he then proceeded to have the audience hold up letters that spelled out, “GODDESS.” When he asked her what that word was, she stated, “Well, I really feel every woman is this…but the word I thought of to describe myself was Goddess.”

Hold on to that thought…

After our practice, I told my husband that during our practice I felt really grounded, creative, and powerful. Like I felt like my feet were curly vines weaving into the earth. He goes, “Like a Goddess?”


The story continues…

Later that night an insight came to me…an insight that came from my clear mind.

When I was in middle school, my best friends and I would pretend to be the Spice Girls. Like pretty legitly, as in I would watch their music videos and teach my friends the choreography. And we’d dress up and perform for our parents and even at our middle school talent show.

Which Spice Girl was I?


Of course, I was Posh.  I was putting on a facade. Fast forward 10 years and I was still acting like a wannabe (ha!) Posh. I straightened my beautiful curly hair, tanned my skin, and even got plastic surgery and botox.

But here I was in the present, feeling like a Goddess, naturally curly hair and all.

OMG. ALL ALONG I WAS REALLY SCARY SPICE…but society puts more of a Posh Spice image in the world. Hello, Barbie. Omg, I had a zillion Barbies. No wonder I wanted boobs like her.

Here’s the thing, people.

A lot of the stress in our lives today is a result of our past conditioning and our attachments to that image and the shit we let run around in our heads.

You’ve noticed your mind racing, right? It brings up some crazy shit sometimes!

With a calm mind, we can begin to see our destructive thoughts and LET THEM GO.

We use our mind as a tool to see our habitual patterns and attachments (especially to our reactions), and we literally create new neural pathways in our brain.


We stop allowing our minds to run wild, creating unnecessary stress and suffering in our lives.

In essence, we become the master, not the slave.

Once we become more sensitive to the effects of a calm mind, we increasingly want to do what makes us feel better.

But it’s hard to get started with a mind going in 29038102 different directions. I often hear people say that can’t meditate because their minds are so busy.

Saying that is just like saying you can’t lift weights because you’re not strong. HELLO, that’s why you lift weights.

So, we practice deconditioning our minds one. breath. at. a. time.

We listen.

And live our lives with intention.

P.S. Another crazy thing that happened recently that aligns directly with my Spice Girls experience? In the last month, 2 glasses have broke in our house. I am the type that thinks that anytime we see repeated symbols, there is a message we can investigate.

So, off to Google I went. And I found something really interesting.

“Broken glass reminds me of a broken mirror, shattering our past reflections. Is there something coming up in your life that is putting you on the course to a New Beginning? It can also come up with our identity. Such as shattering our past identity of who we were- Breaking barriers between worlds could mean you’re starting to see and use your subconscious more, your higher self is urging you to see into “the cracks” as the old world dissolves and then new starts building in your life. I also like to see it as when you see symbols such as holes, cracks, or shattering glass you’re symbolically putting that connection into “seeing beyond this material reality” like seeing into the holes of spacetime or into the fabrics of reality. Breaking the illusions ”

Shattering the illusion…shattering our past identity of who we were…yes, yes, and YES!




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