about me

hollyHello! I’m Holly and I’m on the wild ride of self-discovery. For a large portion of my life, I was living in such an illusion that I thought I needed a fake tan, straight hair, and plastic surgery to be happy.

And then I found Yoga.

My Yoga practice has evolved to include a Dhāraṇā and Dhyāna-based practice (concentration and meditation), observing my internal states using my mind as the instrument. The stillness that is there deepens my connection to my true Self. And in a nutshell, makes me a better person not just to others, but to myself. Thank you, Emily Darling and Victor Roberts for illuminating my path.

I am extremely excited to be a part of Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling’s Off the Mat, Into the World program. I will be training with these ladies September of 2017 during their Yoga, Purpose, and Action Leadership Intensive.

I believe Yoga is a journey to help us release layers of the ego to find a more authentic place internally, which is where we find happiness. My hope is that through writing about my experiences, more of us will reflect inwards and show up living from our kind minds a little more, and our egos a little less. We will Rise and realize we are more than our brains. This blog is blossoming from the seeds planted in my personal Yoga practice. When I asked myself what I wanted to write about, it came to me in one of my meditations–my mind. Not my ego-mind, my kind-mind. Our kind mind. That is where happiness lies.

“Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart.”

-Jack Johnson


P.S. I have an incredible husband named Rich and two sweet kitties named Hank and Howie. The 3 of us live in Kansas City. I have a career in sales, and in addition to Yoga I enjoy creating things with my hands (especially drawing hand-made cards and tie-dying), dancing, listening to music, reading, as well as a few TV series (which includes cuddling on the couch with my boys).hankandhowie